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Test Passes

Here are just some of the people who have learned to drive with Ellen Driving Tuition, the majority of which passed their test 1st time.

 Aimee Bye 1st time ZERO faults Sept 2020Aimee's 1st time pass
 Danielle Roth Sept 2020Danielle's pass
 Catherine Hubbard 1st time Aug 2020Catherine's 1st tine test pass
 Olivia Haythorpe 1st time Aug 2020Olivia's 1st time test pass
 Toby Bunn 1st Time Feb 2020Toby's 1st time test pass
 Emily Huxtable 1st time Jan 2020Emily's 1st time pass
 Rachel Denmark 1st time Jan 2020Rachel's 1st time pass
 Kai Pitman 1st time Jan 2020Kai's 1st time test pass
 Tom Evans 1st time Dec 2019Tom's 1st time test pass
 Scarlet Scaife Nov 2019Scarlett's test pass
 Sophie Watts 1st time Oct 2019Sophie's 1st time pass
 Gemma Holdback Sept 2019Gemma's test pass
 Mia James Sept 2019Mia's test pass
 Isobel Morris 1st time Aug 2019Isobel's 1st time test pass
 Luke Anderson July 2019Luke's test pass
 Leah Turner 1st time July 2019Leah's 1st time pass
Maisie Land-Brown 1st time May 2019Maisie's 1st time  pass
 Neslihan Kanber 1st time May 2019Neslihan's 1st time pass
 India Evans 1st time April 2019India's 1st time test pass
 Lisa Hobson 1st time March 2019Lisa's 1st time test pass
 Callum Stirling 1st time March 2019Callum's 1st time test pass
Imogen Syme 1st time Jan 2019
Imogen's 1st time test pass
 Molly Ambrose 1st time Dec 2018Molly's 1st time test pass
 Isobel Morgan 1st time Nov 2018Isobel's 1st time test pass
 Tom Syme 1st time Nov 2018Tom's 1st time test pass
 Lucy Foreman 1st time Sept 2018Lucy's 1st time test pass
 Annie Cooper July 2018Annie's test pass
 Patricia Dunn 1st time (GB test) Jul 2018Patricia's test pass
 Kelly Hicketts-Prosser May 2018Kelly's test pass
 Rosa Forsdick-Hurr 1st time with EDT Apr 2018Rosa's test pass
 Megan Ireland 1st time Mar 2018 Megan's 1st time test pass
 Emma Rogers March 2018Emma's test pass
 Matthew Clark 1st time Jan 2018Matthew's 1st time pass
 Helen Smith Jan 2018Helen's pass
 Skye Manzie Oct 2017Skye's test pass

Lillie Campbell  1st time Sept 2017

Lillie's 1st time test pass

 James Soudain 1st time Sept 2017James' 1st time test pass
Wiktoria Ciesla Sept 2017
Wiktoria's test pass
 Cara Blacklock July 2017Cara's test pass
 Zoe Blacklock July 2017Zoe's test pass
 Oliver Elmer 1st time May 2017Oliver's 1st time pass
Faye Theobald April 2017
Faye's test pass
 Joshua Lacey 1st time March 2017Joshua's 1st time pass
 Joe Kirkendall 1st time Mar 2017Joe's 1st time test pass
 Nathan Pell March 2017Nathan's pass
 Elizabeth Thacker 1st time Feb 2017Elizabeth's 1st time pass

 Mark Rainsford 1st time Jan 2017Mark's 1st time test pass
 Sarita Jepps Dec 2016Sarita's test pass
Jo Appleton 1st time Nov 2016
Jo's 1st time pass
 Lizzy King Sept 2016Lizzy's test pass
 Rebecca Buxton 1st time July 2016Rebecca's 1st time test pass
 Stephen Garrido 1st time July 2016Stephen's 1st time pass
 Maria Ellis July 2016Maria's test pass
 Jemma Cooney 1st time July 2016Jemma's 1st time pass
 Millie Hall 1st time June 2016Millie's 1st time test pass
 Ryan Head 1st time May 2016Ryan's 1st time test pass
 James Pegg April 2016James' test pass
 Hannah Bacon April 2016Hannah's test pass
 April Perkins 1st time Jan 2016April's 1st time test pass
 Jordan Young 1st time Dec 2015Jordan's 1st time test pass
 Colette Dexter 1st time Dec 2015Colette's 1st time test pass
 Kerry Hancock 1st time Nov 2015Kerry's 1st time pass
 Mini Bijosh 1st time (manual) Oct 2015 Mini's 1st time pass
 Charlie Hornagold 1st time Sept 2015Charlie's 1st time test pass
 Jacob Stirling 1st time Aug 2015Jacob's 1st time pass
 Antonia Visiers 1st time April 2015Antonia's 1st time pass
 Sherie Lam 1st time April 2015Sherie's 1st time test pass
 Tency Thomas March 2015Tency's test pass
 Eve Kirkendall March 2015
Eve's test pass
 Matt Argyle. March 2015

 Max Stewart. 1st time Feb 2015
Max's 1st time test pass
 Kelly Phillips. Jan 2015Kelly's pass
 Tom Salisbury. 1st time Jan 2015Tom's 1st time pass
 Josh Lane. 1st time Nov 2014Josh's 1st time pass
 Alice Wells. July 2014 Alice's test pass

 Sarah Neave. 1st time May 2014Sarah's 1st time test pass

 Michael Cubley. 1st time Apr 2014Michael's 1st time test pass

 Lucy Soudain. 1st time Apr 2014Lucy's 1st time test pass

Isobel Wells.  1st time Apr 2014Izzie's 1st time test pass


 Ella's 1st time test passElla Schutt. Passed 1st time Feb 2014

 Max's test passMax Ovenden. Passed Feb 2014

 Reena Joseph. Passed 1st time Nov 2013Reena Joseph. Passed 1st time Nov 2013
 Jack Salisbury. Passed 1st time Oct 2013Jack Salisbury. Passed 1st time Oct 2013

Lauren Page. Passed 1st time Aug 2013

Lauren Page. Passed 1st time Aug 2013

 Charlotte Lawrence. Passed 1st time Aug 2013Charlotte Lawrence. 1st time Aug 2013

 Oliver Buxton. Passed 1st time Aug 2013Oliver Buxton. Passed 1st time Aug 2013
 Declan Leigh. Passed 1st time July 2013Declan Leigh. Passed 1st time Jul 2013

 David Hodgson. Passed June 2013David Hodgson. Passed Jun 2013
 Jenny Bond. Passed 1st time May 2013Jenny Bond. 1st time. May 2013

 Christopher Garrido. Passed 1st time May 2013Chris Garrido. 1st time May 2013
 Laura Ward. April 2013Laura Ward. April 2013
 Harry Weeds. Passed 1st time April 2013Harry Weeds. Passed 1st time Apr 2013
 Georgia Gooch. Passed 1st time Apr 2013Georgia Gooch. 1st time Apr 2013
 Georgina Martin. Passed 1st time Mar 2013Georgina Martin. 1st time Mar 2013
 Emily Todd. Passed Feb 2013Emily Todd. Passed Feb 2013
 Harvey Hall. Passed 1st time Dec 2012Harvey Hall. Passed 1st time Dec 2012
 Amy Carle. Passed 1st time Nov 2012Amy Carle. Passed 1st time Nov 2012
 Lorna Butler. Passed Nov 2012Lorna Butler. Passed Nov 2012
 Hannah Brighton. Passed 1st time Oct 2012Hannah Brighton. 1st time Oct 2012
 Harriet McAuslan. Passed 1st time Oct 2013Harriet McAuslan.1st time Oct 2012
 Amaia Visiers. Passed 1st time Oct 2012Amaia Visiers. 1st time Oct 2012
 John Gilbey. Passed 1st time Oct 2012John Gilby. Passed 1st time Oct 2012

 Leanne Youngs. Passed 1st time with EDT Aug 2012Leanne Youngs.1st time with EDT Aug 12 


 Poppy Ovenden. Passed 1st time Jul 2012Poppy Ovenden. 1st time Jul 2012
 Alice Knights. Jun 2012 with no faultsAlice Knights. Passed Jun 2012 with zero faults
 Jack Varley. Passed 1st time with EDT Jun 2012Jack Varley. 1st time with EDT Jun 12
 Laura Butcher. Passed 1st time May 2012Laura Butcher. 1st time May 2012
 Bronwyn Coleman. 1st time Apr 2012Bronwyn Coleman. Passed 1st time Apr 2012
 Jenna Rich. Passed Apr 2012Jenna Rich. Passed Apr 2012
 Sophia Marlborough. Passed 1st time Apr 2012Sophia Marlborough. 1st time Apr 12
 Jasmine Smith. Passed 1st time Dec 2011Jasmine Smith. 1st time Dec 2011
 Helen Anderson. Passed 1st time with EDT Dec 2011Helen Anderson.1st time (EDT) Dec 11
 Kelly Fox. Passed 1st time Dec 2011Kelly Fox. Passed 1st time Dec 2011
 Josh Dickens. Passed 1st time Dec 2011Josh Dickens. 1st time Dec 2011
 Sam Whitehead. Passed Nov 2011Sam Whitehead. Passed Nov 2011
 Agata Utting. Passed Nov 2011Agata Utting. Passed Nov 2011
 Sara Holland. Passed 1st time Oct 2011Sara Holland. 1st time Oct 2011
 Martyn Nudds. Passed 1st time Sept 2011Martyn Nudds. 1st time Sept 2011
 Sonny Bunn. Passed Sept 2011Sonny Bunn. Passed Sept 2011
 Lewis Hornagold. Passed 1st time Jul 2011Lewis Hornagold. 1st time Jul 2011
 Jamie Gooch. Passed 1st time Jul 2011Jamie Gooch. Passed 1st time Jul 2011
 Rosa Harradine. Passed 1st time with EDT Jul 2011Rosa Harradine.1st time with EDT Jul 11
 Abbi Saunders. Passed Jun 2011Abbi Saunders. Passed Jun 2011
 Sonny Smith. Passed Jan 2011Sonny Smith. Passed Jan 2011
 Chloe Spinks. Passed 1st time Jan 2011Chloe Spinks. Passed 1st time Jan 2011
 Adam Nicol. Passed 1st time Dec 2010Adam Nicol. Passed 1st time Dec 2010


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